Thank you for visiting my website.  Pull up a chair near the old potbelly stove and let's sit a while as you join me in my world of boots and spurs, horses and saddles, Stetson hats and six-guns.   These are the things of which my uncle, Glenn Snow, read to me as a boy.  We spent many hours near the old wood burning stove, while Uncle Glenn read stories of the Old West from Western magazines.  While he read, my breath came in short excited gasps and I recall him saying when he finished, "Boy, you didn't even blink your eyes while I's readin'." So, as you can see, my interest in and love for the Old West has been a life long obsession.  
     With that in mind, I hope you enjoy reading my works as much as I have enjoyed writing them for you.  Your thoughts about my work are always welcome, so feel free to contact me via the attached e-mail link.    
     I have also added a link to my friend Robert Harper.  Bob is a great artist of Western landscapes, and I'm certain you'd love to see his work.....I have four hanging in my office at home.   
     Thanks again for droppin' in, and come again any time.  You're always welcome at my fire. 

"The Black Mountain Dutchman is a departure from the traditional shoot-'em-up,"  
       says John Hale of Robert Hale LTD.

Steve Ritchie Westerns
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Good story in two volumes. I recommend it to anyone that likes westerns and decent people. Plenty of adventure and sudden violence. A romantic view of Native Americans.
                                        Amazon review by C. Compton