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SOUTH OF TABLE MOUNTAIN released October 2, 2017,
in both KINDLE and AMAZON Paperback Editions.


                  released November 1, 2017 in KINDLE and 
                     AMAZON Paperback Editions.

   Forced to live where they did not wish to live, the Cherokee People, along with other native peoples, carved out a life in the Indian Territory, later to become Oklahoma. To maintain law and order in "The Nations" they formed the Cherokee Lighhorsemen, later to become part of the United States Indian Police, or U.S.I.P. 
   When Chickasaw Blackman and his band of cutthroats run amuck through 
The Nations, the U.S.I.P. sends Deputy Hannibal Crow to track them down and  
bring them to justice. But along their way to Louisiana, Blackman's group raids 
farms and ranches, belonging to white settlers, from Fort Smith, Arkansas to 
DeKalb, Texas, killing and burning as they go. Two of those murdered were 
persons close to Crow, making his quest a personal one. Secrets are revealed, 
Blackman's group is tracked over three states and a young man's life is turned topsy-turvy as he rides with Crow on the chase.  

SABINAS KID will be available 
on Kindle in the spring of 2018.
   After receiving a four month old letter from his mother, in which 
she asks for his help, Caleb McConnell (aka: The Sabinas Kid) leaves 
Old Mexico, heading home to Colorado. But along the trail, an attempt 
is made on his life and “The Kid” learns something of his parents’ 
   His challenge is to discover why someone is after his folks’ ranch, the 
Rafter MC, and who is behind it all. When Caleb finally reaches 
Del Norte, he encounters one surprise after another. Childhood 
friendships are renewed, old grudges are re-energized, and guns blaze
 across the Rio Grande Valley as the mystery unfolds.  

TEMPLE OF JUSTICE coming soon.
​   They arranged for his release from the hell they called a prison, only 
to place him in a position to get himself killed; well, that's what he got
 for being so dang good at what he did.
    From the nation's capital to the cow towns of Kansas he and his crew
 follow the counterfeit money trail. Shots in the night prove to be deadly 
as they chase their theory of "who is behind it all" across the Great Plains.
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  West of Fort Laramie
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