The old man known as “The Dutchman” is the only person who can safely free the teenage girl, Maggie Buckner, from the clutches of her sinister captor, Alvin Harding.  Outnumbered eight to one, he sits atop the pale blue grulla, perched on a bench near Savage Peak, watching the outlaws as they exit the pass north of Devil’s Gate and ride out onto the open prairie.  He adjusts the sights on his Remington No. 1 Rifle and waits as the first rider comes into range.  When he stops shooting, three of the captors lay dead. 
     After striking the first deadly blows as her paladin, The Dutchman mounts and trails the group across South Pass through the unpredictable Wyoming springtime weather, like the fourth horseman of the apocalypse – Death...…and surely Hell follows with him.

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                        Short Story   
     Jack Snow and Charlie Branchwater are bounty hunters.  While searching for a pair of horse thieves, Charlie discovers someone has been hired to force Jack's brother, Patrick, from his Wyoming ranch; that someone is an old friend, Roland Carter.  He also learns that Jack's niece and nephew are to be kidnapped in an effort to convince Patrick to give up without a fight.

    Jack and Charlie immediately spring into action in hopes of intercepting the kids and spoiling the kidnapping.
    Eventually, things come to a showdown and Jack is face to face with his old friend.  Guns blaze as Jack and Charlie fight a life and death battle to aid Patrick and the kids.


February 29, 2012
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   When Caleb finally reaches Del Norte, he encounters one surprise after another. Childhood friendships are renewed, old grudges are re-energized, and guns blaze across the Rio Grande Valley as the mystery unfolds.
   After receiving a four month old letter from his mother, in which she asks for his help, Caleb McConnell (aka: The Sabinas Kid) leaves Old Mexico, heading home to Colorado. But along the trail, an attempt is made on his life and "The Kid" learns something of his parents' troubles. His challenge is to discover why someone is after his folks' ranch, the Rafter MC, and who is behind it all.