After striking the first deadly blows as her paladin, The Dutchman mounts and trails the group across South Pass through the unpredictable Wyoming springtime weather, like the fourth horseman of the apocalypse – Death...…and surely Hell follows with him.

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    For over fifteen years Alexander Kane has used his guns on behalf of rich land owners and ranchers to insure they maintained the land and, more importantly, access to the water they used for their cattle. But Kane no longer wishes to pursue that way of life, deciding to lay down his weapons and settle down to farming.
    But Providence intervenes, forcing Kane to fight on the side of a small ranch, the Box Elder, who is being squeezed by their neighbor, who believes he should of had the smaller ranch from the beginning.
    Guns blaze across Northern Colorado and gunsmoke fills the air South of Table Mountain.

Steve Ritchie Westerns
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    Ball Creek Zach Fugate, after returning to St. Joseph, Missouri, arranges for his herd of longhorns to be delivered to his Wyoming ranch and weds the girl he left behind the year before.     Things appear to be going his way, but that old feeling of impending doom never leaves him completely.
    With his wagons loaded with family and friends, he returns to the Sweetwater Valley, where he hopes to build a life for himself. Friends and loved ones alike suffer, as he discovers the bumpy road he had travelled throughout his young life continues to layout before him...and the smell of gunpowder fills his nostrils.
     Zach Fugate came home from the war to the mountains of Kentucky, only to be greeted with hostility, because he had fought for the North. So, to avoid drawing his family into a shooting feud, he loaded a canoe with trade-goods and his few belongings, and headed west for the Black Hills of the Dakotas.
     He left Ball Creek to avoid difficulties, but no matter where his travels take him or how hard he tries to avoid it, trouble seems to always be waiting for Ball Creek Zach. Nevertheless, romance blooms and new friendships are made as gunsmoke hangs in the air and blood spills over  the ground from St. Joseph to Fort Laramie and back.
  The old man known as “The Dutchman” is the only person who can safely free the teenage girl, Maggie Buckner, from the clutches of her sinister captor, Alvin Harding. Outnumbered eight to one, he sits atop the pale blue grulla, perched on a bench near Savage Peak, watching the outlaws as they exit the pass north of Devil’s Gate and ride out onto the open prairie. He adjusts the sights on his Remington No. 1 Rifle and waits as the first rider comes into range. When he stops shooting, three of the captors lay dead. 
     Forced to live where they did not wish to live, the Cherokee People, along with other native peoples, carved out a life in the New Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River. To maintain law and order in "The Nations" they formed the Cherokee Lighhorsemen, later to become part of the United States Indian Police, or U.S.I.P. 
     When Chickasaw Blackman and his band of cutthroats run amuck through The Nations, the U.S.I.P. sends Deputy Hannibal Crow to track them down and bring them to justice. 
     But along their way to Louisiana, Blackman's group raids farms and ranches belonging to white settlers, from Fort Smith, Arkansas to DeKalb, Texas, killing and burning as they go. Two of those murdered were persons close to Crow, making his quest a personal one.
     Secrets are revealed as Blackman's group is tracked over three states and a young man's life is turned topsy-turvy as he rides with Crow on the chase.  
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